Often, new clients are surprised at the depth and sophistication of the backup and disaster recovery plans we put together for them. Although that probably makes sense if you aren’t familiar with them, the reality is that the future of your company could depend on getting them right, so it’s something we take very seriously.

So what makes them so different from the kind of plan you might already have in place? There are a lot of things, but here are two of the features we consider to be most important:

  1. Our backup and disaster recovery plans have contiguous “save points.” Because the source of the data loss can be difficult to determine at a moment’s notice, it’s important that you be able to restore systems from a number of different times, to maximize the chances you can successfully get what you need.
  2. Our backups are regularly tested. How confident are you that your backup and recovery system will be there when you really need it to be? How sure are you that your files will restore quickly and cleanly? Experience has taught us that certainty is the key here, and so we test backup data regularly for errors, corruption, and viability.

Is your backup and disaster recovery plan not as strong as it should be? Talk to one of our team members today about protecting the future of your business.